Vanmok LD Configuration

Cloud Based Leak Detection Technology

Vanmok LD Studio Specifications:

Vanmok LD Studio

Specifications and capabilities

Leak detection Sensitivity

• Minimum detectable leak size up to 0.5% of nominal mainline flow rate

• Detection time window is less than 90 minutes for leaks < 1%.

• Detection time window is less than 5 minutes for leaks >5% nominal mainline flow rate, including ruptures.

Leak Localization Accuracy Leaks can be localized within ± 200 meters for all leak sizes from 0.5% to ruptures.

• Uses industry standard interfaces

• Rapid integration with SCADA/DCS/PLC/RTU

Regulations/Standards Compliance Meets and exceeds the requirements of API 1130
Sensor/Instrumentation requirement Can be deployed on pipeline segments as long as 250 km with no intermediate sensors.

Leak Spotter: Leak detection and localization

ColumnFinder: Column separation prediction and localization

VanmokGIS: Visualization of leak location and area contamination with the help of Maps and terrain

VanmokTrend: Trending tool to review and plot historical data over days, weeks and months in addition to live data for decision making by frontline pipeline controllers or analysts.


Works under all operating conditions for leak detection and localization as well as column separation:

• Transient states: Including pump start/stops, valves opening/closing, line packing and unpacking, delivery change‐overs.

• Steady state ‐ normal operation

• During pipeline Shut-in, Start Up and Shutting down.

Columnfinder Functions:

• Accurately predicts the location of column separation and amount of vapor bubble along the location.

• In addition to pin point the location and estimate the vapor bubble along the mainline, it can also trend the evolution of vapor bubble with time at any selected locations.

• It can show the evolution of Column sep. due to cooling during extended shut-in period and also while the mainline is being started from shut-in.