Vanmok LD Studio

Vanmok LD Studio – Pipeline Leak Detection Software

In order to increase the safety of the pipeline and preserve environment from potential leaks, Vanmok has developed Pipeline Leak Detection Software, which can detect leaks ranging in size from 0.5% of nominal flow rate (such as leaks from pinholes) to ruptures within 200 meters** accuracy in a short span of time (less than few minutes). Vanmok LD™ Studio works with traditional SCADA systems.

Unlike incumbent technologies that fail to detect small leaks and Cry Wolf, Vanmok LD provides reliable system for detecting leaks as small as pinholes. 

Our leak detection system is specialized in distinguishing between the column separation and leak and sends only True Positive Alarms. In addition to distinguishing between the column separation and leak, in the instances that both a leak and column separation occur, Vanmok LD™ Studio predicts leak (segment, leak percentage and leak location) as well as the timing of the inception and evolution of column separation. More details can be found at: Columnfinder

Vanmok LD™ Studio Modules
LeakSpotter™ LeakSpotter™ detects and locates leak.
  • ColumnFinder™ predicts  and localizes column separation
  • Predicts column separation location and vapor bubble amounts along the mainline
  • Ability to detect and plot vapor bubble evolution in any selected location
  • Shows the evolution of column separation due to cooling during shut-in periods
VanmokGIS VanmokGIS facilitates visualization of leaks and contamination assisted by maps and terrain
VanmokTrend VanmokTrend reviews and plots historical and live data, assisting pipeline controllers and analysts with making decisions
Vanmok LD™ Studio Specifications
  • Uses Industry-standard interfaces
  • Rapid Integration with SCADA/DCS/PLC/RTU
Regulations/Standards Compliance Meets and exceeds the requirements of API 1130
Sensor/Instrumentation Requirement Can be deployed on all pipeline segments and no intermediate sensors required with in 250km
Vanmok LD™ Studio Performance
  • Minimum detectable leak size is up to 0.5 % of the nominal mainline flow rate.
  • Detection time window is less than 90 minutes for leaks < 1%.
  • Detection time window is less than 5 minutes for leaks  > 5 % of the nominal mainline flow rate, including ruptures.
Accuracy Leaks can be localized within ±200 meters* regardless of leak size from pinholes to ruptures
Reliability No nuisance/false alarms for steady state and transient operating conditions.
Robustness In the event of instrumentaion failure (i.e, pressure, flow and temperature transmitters loss or failure, pump lock outs and valve status change), Vanmok LD maintains its leak detection funtionality without degradation

LEAK Detection

Vanmok LD is capable of accurately locating the detected leak by application of numerical methods that derives the leak location. Under most operating conditions the location accuracy is highly acceptable for applications such as theft detection and small volume leak detection. Leak Spotter™ helps in leak detection and localization.

Theft Detection

Vanmok LD™ technology can be used effectively for theft detection by precisely locating the hot tapping by thieves within 200 meters ** in less than a few minutes.


The rupture detector within LeakSpotter™ uses built-in logic to discover any abrupt signature of big leak events and simultaneously distinguish it from other possible sources of those abrupt changes, such as varations in the pipeline’s operating conditions.