Short Pipelines or Type A Gathering Pipelines in Midstream

Cloud Based Leak Detection Technology

Vanmok Leak Detection

Short Pipelines or Type A Gathering Pipelines in Midstream

Innovative Approach for Rupture/Leak Detection on Short Pipelines using only pressure transmitters. Type A gathering pipelines (Short lines) that connect terminals and processing facilities typically lack proper instrumentation such as SCADA and flow meters.

PHMSA New Final Rule

Vanmok developed an Innovative Approach for Rupture/Leak Detection on Short Pipelines using only pressure transmitters.

Our technology provides a cost-effective solution for notification and identification of ruptures of 5% or greater within 15 minutes, relying solely on pressure transmitter data. This eliminates the need for SCADA and flow meters, making compliance with the new rule easier and more efficient.

Notification of potential rupture within 15 minutes

Rupture identification as soon as practical

Operation of RMVs within 30 minutes from rupture identification

*[DOCKET NO. PHMSA-2013-0255 Amdt. Nos. 192-130 195-105 ] [Document Number: 2022-07133 CFR: 49 CFR 192 49 CFR 195]
**PHMSA initially suggested 10 minutes time limit but after receiving the comments, decided not to include it in the final rule.


Reliable leak detection system that is autonomous and cost effective without requiring expensive SACAD/telemetry, flow meters and associated piping modifications.


Vanmok LD Cloud is a cost effective, real-time and autonomous solution for leak detection in saltwater pipeline networks. The field proven technology can detect the leaks from pinholes to large ruptures in less than few minutes by using proprietary algorithms for leak detection.

Vanmok LD Cloud deployment helps midstream companies to meet regulatory requirements and ESG targets.

Customer: “How can we implement leak detection that is cost effective, SCADA independent, scalable on large number of short lines to meet PHMSA new final rule that requires >10% leaks detected within 15 minutes? ”

Features & Benefits

No Flow Meters Required

Relies on pressure transmitter data only.

No SCADA or Telemetry Required

Dedicated Vanmok loT gateway scans data at 50 milli seconds and communicates to Cloud through cellular network (LTE-M or LTE-4G)

No Leak Detection Analyst Required

Built-in Vanmok A.I analyses all alarms and validates before alerting the operators.

No Field Power

Low power Vamok Gateways are supplied with integrated solar system to work offgrid.

Pressure Transmitters

Notifies and identifies leaks from 5% or greater within 15 minutes using only pressure transmitters.

No Piping Modifications Required

Eliminates the need to modify existing piping to install flowmeters, saving expenses on both piping modifications and flowmeters.

The Vanmok Leak Detection Difference

Vanmok Leak De­­tection can detect ruptures and leaks greater than 5% within 15 minutes.

Vanmok Leak Detection can be deployed on a mass scale – 100 short lines in six weeks.

Vanmok Leak Detection for short lines is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Rupture detection in short pipelines is not cost effective if it requires flow meters and SCADA.

Vanmok is helping its clients to develop a robust rupture detection program for short lines, to cost-effectively go beyond regulatory standards

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