Technology Overview of our Products

Cloud Based Leak Detection Technology

Vanmok Leak Detection

Technology Overview
of our Products

Our pipeline leak detection solutions use real-time transient modelling during transient and steady-state conditions to accurately estimate leak data.

The system calculates and displays any discrepancy between actual values and predicted values to verify that processes are moving as expected. The process allows users to increase the efficiency of their operations by quickly identifying the source of leaks and implementing remedial efforts. This way, organizations are able to prevent costly downtime, ensure streamlined processes, and minimize environmental disruption.

The Real-Time Transient Model (RTTM) is applied to pipeline leak detection by creating a simulation environment that mimics the behavior of the pipeline using computational algorithms. Field instrumentation feeds data into the model about pressure, mass flow, density, and temperature, among several other variables.

Leak Detection Products

Vanmok Offers Two
Cloud Based Products

Vanmok LD ® PPA

Real-time leak detection using Pressure data only for short pipelines.

Vanmok LD ® ERTTM

Real time transient modeling and leak detection in long pipelines.

Technology Overview of Vanmok Leak Detection

Vanmok LD™ is based on Extended Real-Time Transient Model (E-RTTM).