Emulsion Pipelines Leak Detection

Detect leaks in emulsion pipelines carrying multiphase fluids (up to 15% gas fraction) without flow meters

The Challenge

We have been talking to oil producers in Alberta about Multiphase leak detection or emulsions  pipelines leak detection.

What they are experiencing is high number of un reliable leak alarms from systems they are currently using. These systems are behaving like “crying wolf”. Are you tired of broken promises of performance from the current leak detection systems? Apparently, there is no cost effective and autonomous solution for detection of pinhole leaks caused by internal corrosion in multiphase pipelines.

Do you have the same experience?

If you do, we would like to talk to you about a solution that Vanmok has developed.

If you think multiphase leak detection in your gathering network is a pain for your company?  And If you are looking for a solution, book a demo now to see how it works to detect leaks cost effectively!

Emulsion line leaving oil well
Emulsion line delivering to a battery
Emulsion pipeline network
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Our Solution

Vanmok LD Cloud can detect leaks in emulsion pipelines carrying multiphase fluids (up to 15% gas fraction) without flow meters. Emulsions can have up to 15% gas fraction along with water and oil in pipeline. 

Vanmok  LD Cloud is a cost effective, real-time and autonomous solution for leak detection in Emulsion pipeline networks. The field proven technology can detect the leaks from pinholes to large ruptures in less than few minutes by using proprietary algorithms for leak detection.  

Vanmok LD cloud deployment helps Upstream companies to meet regulatory requirements and ESG targets. 


Features & Benefits

No Flow Meters Required

No SCADA or Telemetry Required

No Leak Detection Analyst Required

No Field Power

No Piping Modifications Required

Pressure Transmitters

Book a 30 minute demo to see our solution live.