Vanmok LD Cloud

Cloud-Based Leak Detection Technology

Vanmok LD Cloud is cost effective and autonomous solution for leak detection in oil pipeline networks. The field proven technology detects the leaks from pinholes to large ruptures in less than few minutes by using highest sampling rate of 50 milli seconds from our dedicated IoT Gateway (DAQ system) It is designed, and deployed to meet specific needs for the oil and gas producers. The technology can be applied to:

  • Short segment pipelines in midstream industry where no flow meters and data communication exists.
  • Pipeline gathering networks from oil production wells
  • Saltwater injection pipelines
  • Emulsion and Multi-phase pipelines

Vanmok offers two Cloud based products:

  • Vanmok LD ® PPA: Real-time leak detection using Pressure data only for short pipelines
  • Vanmok LD ® ERTTM: Real time transient modeling and leak detection in long pipelines.

How it works?

The Vanmok IoT Gateway is connected to pressure transmitters at each end of the pipeline. This gateway is embedded with modern cloud-based technology, which scans data from the pressure sensors at a high sampling rate (50 ms/sample). The data is communicated via a cellular modem, which routes the data to the Vanmok LD Cloud for collection and analysis. The system automatically generates alarms and communicates and escalates any abnormal anomalies to the right person.


What is Vanmok IoT Gateway?

Vanmok IoT Gateway is a Data Acquisition System that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology to scan the data from the existing instruments at 50 milli seconds per data point. The wireless, off-grid solar-powered units utilized in the design enables rapid deployment. Field personnel are assured with easy-to-install and self-contained units that accommodate easy integration with existing field sensors.

The Gateway is pre-configured with single-channel (4-20 mA), but can be customized to three input channels including:

  • 2 Channels for 4-20 mA Sensors
  • 1 Channel for 0-5 VDC or 0-10VDC Sensors

A Complete Solution Package

The Vanmok LD Cloud Solution Package is designed specifically anticipating our clients’ needs within the oil and gas industry. This package includes:

  • IoT gateway which scans data at highest sample rate

  • Optional off-grid solar power system

  • Sensor transducers configured specifically for the application

  • Cloud based application with end-to-end encryption

  • User-friendly dashboard and access via mobile phones/ laptop

  • Cellular modem selection for the best performance of the application and gateway