Vanmok @ PSIG 2024

Cloud Based Leak Detection Technology

Vanmok @ PSIG 2024

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The following papers will be presented at the PSIG Annual Meeting scheduled in Charleston, South Carolina, USA on May 7-10, 2024. Click here for PSIG conference 2024

Paper # PSIG 2409
Paper Title: Leak Detection for Type A Liquid Hydrocarbon Gathering Lines (Short Lines)                     

Michael Roxas 1, James Yezik 2, Stephen Guenther 2, Satya Mokamati 1 (1. Vanmok Leak Detection Technologies Inc., 2. Buckeye Partners L.P.)

PHMSA’s Oct 5, 2022 rule mandates rapid leak notification (15 min) and response (30 min) for “Type A” gathering pipelines with diameters ≥6 inches. This paper explores compliance challenges, infrastructure issues, proposing a pressure-based leak detection system using unsupervised machine learning for timely alerts, backed by experimental data and continuous learning for enhanced reliability.

Paper # PSIG 2430
Paper Title: Real-Time Transient Modeling of CO2 Pipelines and Phase Behavior During the Leak       

Hamed Ghasvari Jahromi, Fatemeh Ekram, Satya Mokamati (Vanmok Leak Detection Technologies Inc.)

A clear understanding of the flow characteristics of CO2 pipelines under various operating conditions, including leaks, provides valuable insights for effective monitoring and design of reliable leak detection systems. In this paper we discuss a novel mathematical model of a CO2 pipeline and conduct simulations to replicate the complex phenomenon of CO2 release. The approach and findings of this paper contribute to enhancing leak detection in pipelines, thus mitigating emissions of greenhouse gases.