Cloud Based Leak Detection Technology

Cloud Based Leak Detection Technology

Cloud Based
Leak Detection Technology

State of the art scalable technology to monitor the pipelines for leaks and ruptures. Complies with PHMSA rule for rupture detection -10% leak rate detected within 15 minutes.

Let our Industry expert’s show how our cost-effective rupture detection solution can help you meet the new PHMSA regulatory requirements.

Case Study​


Vanmok Leak Detection played a crucial role in helping a major USA pipeline operating company achieve regulatory compliance with the new PHMSA final rule for rupture detection on Short Lines.

Regulatory Requirement

The PHMSA introduced a final rule (49 CFR 192 49 CFR 195) effective from October 5, 2022, emphasizing leak detection for Type A gas gathering, gas transmission, and hazardous liquid pipelines. The rule includes specific criteria for defining a rupture and mandates effective leak detection systems, among other requirements.

The Challenge

Gathering pipelines connecting terminals and processing facilities often lack proper instrumentation like SCADA and flow meters. Real-Time Transient Model (RTTM) based leak detection can be costly due to the need for flow meters and pressure transmitters. Gathering pipelines pose challenges such as bi-directional flow, multiple batches, thermals, low operating pressure, and static operating conditions.

The Solution

Vanmok’s LD Cloud offers a cost-effective and autonomous solution for leak detection on Short Lines, relying solely on pressure data. The Vanmok LD Cloud can detect leaks under dynamic conditions, from pinholes to ruptures, with a high sampling rate of 50-100 milliseconds. Vanmok Gateways connected to pressure transmitters send data via cellular modems to Vanmok LD Cloud for analysis. The system sends automatic alarms in case of a leak, without requiring extensive IT infrastructure.

Technology Overview

Vanmok LD Cloud utilizes pressure data and operates effectively under all conditions, including process upsets like unsteady transient conditions, shut-in, start-up, and shut down of pipelines. The technology achieves targeted sensitivity, avoiding false alarms as per API 1130 performance metrics for leak detection.


Vanmok’s innovative LD Cloud solution provides a reliable and cost-effective means for pipeline companies to meet regulatory compliance for rupture detection on Short Lines.
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