The following paper was presented at the PSIG Annual Meeting scheduled in San Antonio, Texas, USA on May 16-19, 2023. Click here for PSIG conference 2023

Paper # PSIG 2324
Paper Title: Supercritical Fluid Flow in Pipelines – A Dense Phase Case Study
There is a discontinuity in tabulated thermodynamic properties as the fluid reaches its critical point. This paper presents correlations using regularization techniques resolving the matter by continuously calculating the fluid properties as it passes the singularity of the critical point and enters the supercritical region. The correlations and the conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy are coupled to build an augmented mathematical model for the analysis and simulation of dense phase transport in pipelines. We present the results for a natural gas pipeline and show performance improvements that the proposed correlations can offer to leak detection systems. Finally, as a feature with application in sensitivity analysis, we brought the maximum compressible leak flow rate, happening under choked conditions, as a function of hole size.